Disciplinaries, grievances & dismissals


Unfortunately situations requiring disciplinary action are not uncommon and all companies must follow fair and consistent processes, in line with ACAS guidance. This can be confusing and time consuming for all those involved. We have significant experience in dealing with disciplinary matters, from minor issues including poor performance to dismissals for gross misconduct. We can provide case-by-case advice and hand-hold our clients through the process. We can also conduct disciplinary investigations and appeals on behalf of our clients, removing the internal burden on time and ensuring that the investigation or appeal is conducted thoroughly and independently.


Employees have a right to raise a grievance if they have any concern about their employment. When this does happen it is important that the grievance is investigated thoroughly and that the employee’s grievance is heard in line with ACAS guidance. Frequently, grievances will concern sensitive issues such as bullying and harassment, which must be dealt with appropriately to avoid further escalation. It may be that SME’s and start-ups don’t have the available resource internally with the time and skill to investigate and hear the grievance. We are able to take on grievance investigations and hearings for our clients. This can often help both employers and the employee themselves, as the employee appreciates our independence and dedicated time.


We have extensive experience in handling dismissals, aiming for amicable partings and the reduction of litigation risk. We provide our clients with tailored advice on a case-by-case basis. This can include termination negotiations and the writing of tailored settlement agreements.


We conduct thorough, knowledgeable and prompt investigations into disciplinaries, grievances and other workplace issues. Our investigations always include agreed terms of reference and a detailed, structured report to support your decision making. Importantly, we also look beyond the immediate investigation to identify learning points and advise you on wider measures that may benefit your company going forward.


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