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We provide high quality commercial legal and employment advice at a fraction of the cost of traditional law firm.  We work for a wide range of clients, from individuals to large corporations.  Our services are especially in demand by start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs, to whom we provide an external, flexible legal and HR support function.

Our fees vary according to the type of advice and support required:   

Start-up packages

We offer fixed fee start-up packages, to help our early stage start-up clients get up and running as economically as possible, whilst ensuring they understand  (and are fully compliant with) their legal obligations.

 These packages start from £520 and (depending on your business’s needs) will usually include a combination of:

  • Drafting Terms & Conditions
  • Drafting GDPR-compliant Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and Website Terms of Use
  • Shareholders’ Agreement / Partnership Agreement
  • Employment Contracts
  • Staff Policy Handbook
  • Contractor/ Consultant Agreements for businesses using a flexible workforce
Standard rates

Our standard hourly rates for ongoing advice are as follows:


Work Type
Hourly Fee

Legal and employment law support


£ 140


HR support


£ 80


Discounted rates

We do offer discounted hourly rates to: 

  • Regular clients who use us on a retainer basis (more than 10 hours per month)
  • Charities and NGOs
  • Early stage start-ups

Please contact us to discuss.

Fixed fee projects

In addition to our start-up packages (see above), we often work on a fixed or capped fee basis in relation to discrete projects.  For example, this might include drafting and/or negotiating a contract for you, or supporting you in an HR disciplinary matter.  If you have an individual project with which you would like support, please do contact us to see how we can help.



Our training course rates are as follows:

Course Type

Full day (up to 12 participants) 

£ 900


Half day (up to 12 participants) 



Bespoke course

£1200+ per day

Bespoke courses are designed specifically for you, in accordance with your business’s individual requirements.  Standard full and half day courses are selected from our training portfolio.  Our rate includes a pre-course consultation with you to ensure the standard course includes material and case studies which are relevant to your business.

Mediation and conflict coaching

Our workplace mediation and conflict coaching services are charged on an hourly basis, at the following rates:

Hourly Rate

Workplace Mediation

£ 130


Conflict Coaching




Neutral evaluation

Neutral evaluation is generally used in complex situations, and is charged at a daily rate of £900 per day.  The process includes an initial briefing call or meeting with the commissioner (usually management or internal HR), confidential interviews with relevant staff members and a written report.  Neutral evaluation can usually be arranged at fairly short notice.  Most neutral evaluations can be completed and the evaluation report drafted within 2-3 days.


Investigations range from the relatively simple to the complex.  Our rates include an initial briefing with the commissioner, our advice as to the appropriate procedure to follow, interviews with the relevant staff members and a thorough investigation report which complies with ACAS guidance.

Our rates vary, depending on the complexity of the investigation and report required.  As a general guide:

Investigation Type

Simple Investigation (1 day or less)

£ 750


Standard Investigation (1-2 days)



Complex Investigation (3 days+)



Please do contact us for a no-obligation discussion as to how we may assist you.



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