Start-up and SME support



Most of our clients are start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs.  They use us because they need flexible access to high quality legal and HR / employment advice but at a more realistic price point than traditional law firms.

Many start-ups and SMEs avoid involving lawyers and HR professionals at an early stage because they think lawyers are too expensive and don’t appreciate the risks they are taking by not using them. When start-ups and SMEs don’t get the legal and employment basics right from the outset, this often leads to damaging disputes down the line.  Commercial and employment disputes are expensive to resolve, take up valuable management time and harm the business’s reputation and staff morale.

Common mistakes which start-ups and SMEs make include:

  • relying on online precedent contracts and policies without understanding them or tailoring them properly for the business
  • agreeing to obligations without being able to deliver on them, in their keenness to secure an important deal
  • signing away valuable intellectual property rights
  • taking on onerous liabilities
  • failing to include necessary protections for the business’s interests
  • not having proper contracts and policies in place for employees, breaching legal requirements for businesses and risking tribunal claims
  • not documenting relationships with contractors and consultants

Involving us at an early stage can help you avoid these mistakes, and to achieve a set of commercial contracts, employment agreements and policies which properly protect your business’s interests and reputation and guard against future claims. We can:

  • prepare bespoke Standard Terms & Conditions for your business
  • provide legally compliant employment contracts which protect the business
  • draft employment handbooks and policies to ensure your business complies with statutory requirements
  • draft commercial contracts
  • review contracts provided by your significant customers / suppliers, identifying risks and negotiating points
  • draft Website Terms of Use and Privacy & Cookie Policies
  • provide GDPR compliance advice
  • advise you on commercial and employment disputes

We also provide ongoing legal and employment support once your business is up and running.

Do contact us for a no-obligation discussion on how we can support your legal and employment needs, ensuring your business is fully protected.